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Book Releases 2012-2016

Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent from Within, 5th Edition


Organizations that don't take steps to address future talent needs at all levels will face certain disruptions, and even disasters when key employees leave. The most comprehensive book on the subject, "Effective Succession Planning" helps readers: Identify competencies and clarify organizational values - Plan for and quickly fill crucial vacancies at all levels - Develop and retain top talent, building and preserving the organization's intellectual capital - Assess current needs and future resources for seamless succession planning - And more Covering best practices, current trends, and the latest technology, the fifth edition also features new and revised material on: succession planning for small businesses and nonprofits; replacement planning; transition management; downsizing; international issues; mergers and acquisitions as a talent strategy; and succession planning for technical positions as well as roles built on longstanding social relationships. Packed with enlightening case studies and practical guidance, "Effective Succession Planning" remains an indispensable resource for any organization concerned with retaining the accumulated wisdom of its most valued employees.


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Practicing Organization Development: Leading Transformation and Change (J-B O-D (Organizational Development)) 4th Edition

Practicing Organization Development: Leading Transformation and Change, Fourth Edition is your newly revised guide to successful organization development. This edition has been updated to explore the cutting edge of change management, leadership development, organizational transformation, and society benefit. These concepts are explored through emerging and increasingly accepted strengths-based approaches such as: appreciative inquiry, emotionally and socially intelligent leadership, positive organization development, and sustainable enterprises. This edition offers both theoretical concepts and guides to practical applications, providing you with the knowledge, techniques, and tools to put organizational development to effective use in the workplace.


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The Leader's Daily Role in Talent Management

The Leader's Daily Role in Talent Managment is a powerful resource which serves as a manual, blueprint, guidebook and toolkit for leaders to achieve sustainable results and growth through people. There is great emphasis on high potential talents and the best performers that contribute the most to the success of the organization. It goes beyond thinking strategically on talent management. It is a tactical and practical resource that enables leaders to be effective in recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining the best people and to embed this work in their daily agenda in order to become truly effective leaders with the rights habits.


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Beyond Training and Development, 3rd Edition: Enhancing Human Performance through a Measurable Focus on Business Impact 

Beyond Training and Development describes in a simple, step-by-step approach how to separate symptoms from root causes and how to identify the most appropriate solutions to problems with human productivity in workplace settings. The book goes beyond simplistic views of “return on investment” to prompt the reader to consider “business impact”— that is, how can efforts to solve (or avoid) human performance problems contribute to an organization’s strategic goals? This book avoids worthless jargon, getting down to the practical issues in analyzing issues with people and finding ways to address them. The book is filled with many practical tools—worksheets, checklists, and much more—to help readers apply immediately the ideas presented.


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ASTD Competency Study: The Training & Development Profession Redefined 1st Edition

The ASTD Competency Model is the definitive framework for the training and development profession; understanding and applying the model is essential for staying current and relevant in the field. This book presents the academic research behind the model in a practical, actionable way. Ultimately, it helps training and development practitioners add power to their development plans by honing in on the key competencies and trends that really matter.


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Mastering the Instructional Design Process: A Systematic Approach 5th Edition

Mastering the Instructional Design Process provides step-by-step guidance on the design and development of an engaging, effective training program. The focus on core competencies of instructional system design helps you develop your skills in a way that's immediately applicable to real-world settings, and this newly updated fifth edition has been revised to reflect the new IBSTPI Competencies and Standards for Instructional Design. With a solid foundation of researched and validated standards, this invaluable guide provides useful insight and a flexible framework for approaching instructional design from a practical perspective. Coverage includes the full range of design considerations concerning the learners, objectives, setting, and more, and ancillaries include design templates, PowerPoint slides, lecture notes, and a test bank help you bring these competencies to the classroom.


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Organization Development Fundamentals: Managing Strategic Change

In a tumultuous global business environment, change is a constant. Organizations are effected by many factors from the local economy to global competition. To be successful they must do more than react to changes, they need to be proactive. Organization Development Fundamentals provides a starting point for those interested in learning more about taking this proactive approach. The authors explore the many facets of organization development and change management, including the theories, models, and steps necessary to complete the process. This is a perfect resource for professionals who are just starting out in the OD field or who want to brush-up on the basics.


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Optimizing Talent in the Federal Workforce 

Taxpayers deserve the very best from public services, and first-rate public services can only be provided by outstanding government workers. Federal human resource managers face the challenge of attracting and retaining high-caliber individuals within the constraints of ever-tightening budgets and often-conflicting political directives. From a talent management perspective, Optimizing Talent in the Federal Workforce explores: Best practices for recruiting and selecting employees Proven methods for developing and training employees Optimal deployment and placement processes. This text is a must-read for anyone in or working toward a government management position. Contents: Introduction Recruiting and Selecting the Best People Developing and Training the Best People Deploying and Placing the Best People Engaging the Best People Retaining the Best People Knowledge Transfer.


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Career Planning and Succession Management: Developing Your Organization's Talent for Today and Tomorrow, 2nd Edition 

  • This timely guide explains how businesses can effectively integrate and coordinate career and succession planning programs to meet the personnel demands of the future:

    • Examines career development in a much broader manner than is traditionally the case by focusing on both the personal and professional development planning needs of employee

    • Demonstrates how employees who are given tools and organizational guidance necessary to plan their development will usually be more successful in meeting their career aspirations

    • Expands on the organization's role in establishing career development programs to answer the question of who is responsible―the organization, the employee, or both

    • Includes cutting-edge research by leading consulting firms such as BlessingWhite, Manpower Group, and DDI

    • Offers content that will be equally valuable to students, practitioners, and academicians


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Performance Consulting


The challenge for human resource development professionals is to shift the focus to performance improvement, not just applying classic training and learning solutions. Rothwell and his team have assembled a book that focuses on the problems and/or the opportunities for improvement having to do with people. Performance Consulting provides a roadmap to guide you on the path to becoming a successful performance consultant. This book provides a wealth of resources performance consultants can use for performance analysis and solution selection including case studies, references, and discussion questions that make this book both practical and substantive.​


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The ASTD Reference Guide to Workplace Learning and Performance: Volume 1: Present and Future Roles and Competencies 

​The ASTD Reference Guide Volume 1 is intended to provide a context for the Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) field, to expand on the roles and competencies described in ASTD Models for Workplace Learning and Performance, and to provide readers with the resources for enacting those roles and demonstrating those competencies.


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The ASTD Reference Guide to Workplace and Performance: Volume 2: Present and Future Roles and Competencies

The ASTD Reference Guide Volume 2 is intended to provide a context for the Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) field, to expand on the roles and competencies described in ASTD Models for Workplace Learning and Performance, and to provide readers with the resources for enacting those roles and demonstrating those competencies.


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Creating Engaged Employees: It's Worth the Investment

Research shows that many members of today's workforce feel overworked and underappreciated―all factors that attribute to high turnover, low customer satisfaction, increased incidences of health and safety problems, and low productivity and profitability.


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