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Topic 1: Best Practice in Succession Planning (BPSP):


Rothwell & Associates’s Best Practice Annual Award in Succession Planning (BPSP) recognizes organizations and practitioners who are purposeful and systematic in their efforts to ensure the “continued effective performance of an organization, division, department, or work group by making provision for the development, replacement, and strategic application of key people over time” (Rothwell, 2015, p. 10).


Call for Nominations: R&A will begin accepting application for the 2017 in June 1, 2016. The application process will be open for 3 months. Awardees will be notified on December 1, 2016.


For more information about this award program, contact 1-855-476-8493 or email:

Topic 2: Succession Planning:

Succession planning is about filling the organization’s talent pipeline and building internal bench strength. It is about leveraging the talent that the organization already possesses by developing it to full potential. But how is succession planning different from replacement planning, talent management, and succession management? What model summarizes the essential elements of a succession planning program? Rothwell & Associates, LLC, can address these questions. We provide our clients with simple, yet effective tools to facilitate replacement planning and succession planning. 

Topic 3: Competency Modeling:


Competency efforts have evolved from an early focus on distinctions between best-in-class (exemplary) and fully-successful performers to become a link between organisational strategy and organisational and individual performance. Interest in competency-based approaches is growing. As a thought leader in competency modeling, Rothwell & Associates, LLC is committed to helping organizations meet their human resource needs. R&A utilizes competency models to clarify organisation-specific competencies to improve human performance and unify individual capabilities with organisational core competencies. 

Topic 4: Talent Management:

Any good talent management program will be guided by a roadmap that integrates all its components. Rothwell & Associates, LLC, is committed to helping organizations meet their talent management needs.  R&A specializes in succession planning, talent management, workforce planning, training and development, performance consulting, and competency modeling.

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