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How does your organization identify the best options to address challenges faced by the ever-changing industry landscape? Rothwell & Associates can answer these questions. We will provide you with a starting point to help decision-makers and HR practitioners make the appropriate steps to establish an effective talent management program. We can assess, identify, manage and develop your organizational needs. . . . .



Dr. William J. Rothwell is a frequent conference keynote speaker and seminar presenter. He has worked full-time in human resource management and employee training and development since 1979. Currently a professor at The Pennsylvania State University and President of Rothwell & Associates, he is also a best¬selling and award-winning scholar. He has authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited 300 books, book chapters, and articles—including over 90 books.


R & A provides a variety of assessment tools, white papers, books, articles, and research papers. The research-based tools have been created to assist HR professionals and are easy to apply to existing programs that can help individuals and teams align their performance objectives with those of the entire organization. We also customize tools based on your organization’s specific needs. Ask us about a customized tool for your organization.


Rothwell & Associates, LLC. is an independent consulting firm that focuses on critical issues in human resource development and management. As a full-service consulting firm, we customize all programs to address the specific needs of the client. R&A specializes in succession planning, talent management, organization development, human resource development, and performance consulting. Our mission is to accelerate the potential of an organization's talent pool and to optimize the performance of its people.

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